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adBTC Review

adBTC Review - Get Bitcoin for Viewing Websites


adBTC pay in bitcoin for viewing websites and is one of the highest paying bitcoin

ptc sites. There are several ways to earn Bitcoins. You can earn up to 200 Satoshi

per click on ads.

AdBTC is anonymous and it does not require to input your personal data.



Ways to earn Bitcoins in adBTC:


adBTC review - Ways to earn Bitcoins

Surf Ads

Get bitcoin for viewing websites. Resolve captcha and press "Open". 
New page will be opened and timer starts. When timer ends, you get

your bitcoins.




When you press "Start", new page will be opened. Please, don't close it

before timer is ticking. When time will be gone, you get satoshis.



Surfing in active window

After you click on the link, new page will be opened and when page loaded,

timer starts. Please, don't close it before timer is ticking. When time will be

gone and you resolve captcha, you get satoshis.



Referral Market

You can buy referral, which will bring you bitcoin each time he earns.
Referral can be sold only after 1 week from his registration.



Referral System

Share your referral link and earn:
7.5% from you referral surfing earnings
7.5% from your referral advertisement spendings



Payment Proof


adBTC pay in bitcoin for viewing websites. Payment proof.




Withdraw options: FaucetHub or Bitcoin address.
Minimum Payout: 0.00015 BTC to FaucetHub.
                             0.00030 BTC to any Bitcoin address.

Create your Free Account here: adBTC