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AirDrips Review - Earn Rewards in Bitcoin Cash


AirDrips is a legit bitcoin earning site, paying a lot of Bitcoin

Cash (BCH) satoshi for reading books, visiting sites, watching videos

and playing games. There are unlimited ads.



How to to earn Bitcoin


AirDrips has six linked sites were you can earn Bitcoin Cash satoshi.
You can open all sites at the same time in different tabs.


airdrips review - free bitcoin cash



You need first to choose a book, article or video to see the captcha. review - earn bch



Solve the captcha found in every site and get paid every 5 or 10 minutes.


air drips AirDrips Review - scam or legit review



Affiliate Program


Earn 25% of all your referrals claims on any site for Life.





Payments are send weekly to your Coinbase account.
The minimum payout amount is 106.000 BCH satoshi.

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