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High Paying Bitcoin FaucetsHigh Paying Bitcoin Faucets


Easy earn bitcoins from high paying bitcoin faucets. 
You can earn from bitcoin faucets just by solving captchas here:



Bitcoin Faucet




Mellow Ads  

24 hrs 500 - 3000 Ads credit
Refer Bitcoin   120 min up to - 250 Direct
FreeBitcoin   Review 60 min 28 - 2800000 Direct
WildBitcoin   60 min up to 30 Direct
MultiCoin       Review 60 min 44 - 11600 FaucetHub Micropayment Platform
SwissAdsPays  Review 60 min 25 - 10000 FaucetHub best bitcoin faucets
Bitcoinclicker 60 min 35 - 61000 Bitcoin
TomyGame   Review 60 min 24 - 200 best bitcoin faucets FaucetHub
DailyFreeBits 60 min 10 - 1200 FaucetHub Micropayment Platform
Bonus Bitcoin  15 min up to 5000 CoinPot
BitFun 15 min up to 200 CoinPot
HotCoins 10 min 20 - 70 + bonuses FaucetHub Micropayment Platform
AirDrips   Review 5 min 100 - 3500 BCH Coinbase - a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency
Get Your Bitcoin 5 min 10 FaucetHub bitcoin wallet
 Fautsy 5 min 10 - 50 Faucethub bitcoin wallet
Bitcoinker 5 min 30 - 100000 Direct
Time for Bitcoin 5 min 10 FaucetHub Micropayment bitcoin wallet
WorldOfBitcoin   5 min 10 best bitcoin faucets FaucetHub
Moon Bitcoin 5 min up to 100 CoinPot
Field Bitcoins 5 min up to 100 Direct
Xbit 5 min 10 FaucetHub bitcoin wallet
TrustBTCFaucet 5 min up to 888 Direct
Bigbtc   5 min 8 FaucetHub Micropayment Platform
Allcoins 4 min  7 FaucetHub


 Note: Rewards per claim on some Faucets may change, depending on Bitcoin price change.



Получай доход каждые 10 минут!





Bitcoin faucets are a reward system for visitors in the form of a satoshi

for completing a captcha or task as described by the website. Payout per 

transaction is less than 1000 satoshi.

Some bitcoin faucets also have random larger rewards. 

Faucets are a great way to help introduce new people to bitcoin, to get

traffic, to make money.
It is typical for bitcoin faucets to have a referral system.

The faucets try to get cheap traffic by giving referral commissions. 

Existing users are rewarded for referring new ones. 

The main income source of Bitcoin Faucets is advertisements.

Some ads networks pay in bitcoins itself.

High paying bitcoin faucets are the easiest way to get free bitcoins.

Just enter your bitcoin address, solve captcha, claim reward and

earn from faucets.