FireFaucet Review: Earn Bitcoin and Altcoins with Auto Faucet. Legit or Scam?

FireFaucet is a GPT site and a crypto Faucet in one place that allows users to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using an Auto Faucet. Here you will also find unique features like Daily Bonuses, Rank Rewards, and others that will allow you to earn even more. To investigate the legitimacy of FireFaucet, and find out how to earn Bitcoins on Auto Faucet, please read this FireFaucet Review.

How Does Work?

One of the most unique FireFaucet’s features is its Auto Faucet, which allows you to earn cryptocurrencies passively. It is the main way to get cryptocurrency on this platform. However, to earn from the Auto Faucet, you need to have Auto Claim Points (ACP). You can accumulate ACP in various ways on this platform.

Once you have enough ACP, you can activate the Auto Claim option in your account settings. So, you will claim the Auto Faucet rewards every few minutes without any additional effort.

What are Auto Claim Points (ACP)?

Auto Claim Points (ACP) are website tokens that act as currency for transactions on the website. ACP cannot be withdrawn or transferred to any wallet, as it is intended solely for use within the FireFaucet. However, you can convert your ACP to actual cryptocurrency. You can also enable an auto-payment feature which gradually adds cryptocurrency to your account over time, providing more value than an instant ACP conversion.

How to Get Auto Claim Points on FireFaucet

You can earn free ACP in various ways: by picking up a Daily Bonus, from the ACP Faucet, by completing tasks like offers, surveys, PTC, shortlinks, and more.

Ways to Get Auto Claim Points on FireFaucet

1. Claiming Daily Bonus

The first step you should take after logging in to your FireFaucet account is to claim your daily bonus. It is one of the easiest ways to earn Bitcoin on FireFaucet. You can claim the bonus every 24 hours. The Daily Bonus button is located on your dashboard. Click the button, solve the captcha and ACP will be added to your account. Also, you will receive some activity points.

Daily Bonus on FireFaucet - Claim large amount of ACP

2. Using the ACP Faucet

The next step you should do is to claim your ACP and activity points from ACP Faucet. For every claim, you can get a random amount of ACP and 10 activity points. You can claim from this faucet every 30 minutes. So in a day, you can collect quite large amounts of ACP and activity points.

ACP Faucet on FireFaucet - Claim free ACP every 30 minutes

3. Completing Tasks on the Offerwalls

Completing tasks on the offerwalls is an easy way to earn extra ACP rewards. There you can find tasks such as taking surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, or registering on a website. For signing up for subscriptions you will receive higher rewards. For watching videos or playing games you will get less ACP.

Completing Offers on FireFaucet - Earn extra ACP rewards

4. Watching PTC Ads

Watching PTC Ads is the best way to get a fixed amount of ACP. By viewing paid advertisements you can earn even more Auto Claim Points. You just need to visit the website for the required time. Then solve the captcha and you will get ACP to your account.

Viewing ads on FireFaucet – Earn additional ACP rewards

5. Completing Shortlinks

FireFaucet provides shortlinks that redirect users to external websites. However, some of these third-party sites contain intrusive ads. By clicking each link and viewing the destination page, you will accumulate ACP and 50 Activity Points in your FireFaucet account.

Completing Shortlinks on FireFaucet - Accumulate ACP and Activity Points

How to Use Auto Faucet on

The Auto Faucet feature on allows you to automate the process of claiming rewards at regular intervals. This simplifies the earning process without constant manual input. You can customize the frequency of auto claims, select the desired cryptocurrency for claiming, and set the duration for which the auto claims feature should remain active.

To run Auto Faucet you need to navigate to the dashboard and locate the Auto Faucet feature. Here you need to configure the settings of the Auto Faucet session. Once you set your preferences and run Auto Faucet, the system will automatically claim rewards at specified intervals without manual intervention. In this way, your Auto Claim Points will be automatically converted to your chosen cryptocurrency.

You don’t need to stay on the page while the Auto Faucet is running. The tab must remain open, but it doesn’t have to be in focus. So, you can run tasks to get ACP or do other things in another tab or window.

FireFaucet Review - runing Auto Faucet

Is FireFaucet Legit?

FireFaucet has been operating since 2018 and has a large user base. The staff communicates with the users of the platform. Many users say that FireFaucet is a legitimate site to earn crypto and that they have successfully withdrawn crypto from the platform many times. So, they recommend it as one of the best crypto faucets out there.

Referral Program

By referring users to FireFaucet you can receive 20% of their earnings after completing any tasks. You’ll also get 5% of your referrals’ PTC deposits. Make multiple referral links to track sources individually and see which are most effective.

Withdrawing Earnings From FireFaucet

Users can withdraw their earnings from FireFaucet once they have accumulated enough cryptocurrency. The minimum payout amount varies by cryptocurrency. For new users, the first few withdrawals take up to 72 hours. There are two payout methods: Direct Wallet and FaucetPay. FireFaucet makes payments to Direct Wallet once a day and withdrawals to FaucetPay are instant.


FireFaucet has been in business since 2018 and has a large base of satisfied users. This platform is legit and you can earn free Bitcoin and altcoins safely with unique features like the Auto Faucet. By completing tasks and accumulating ACP, you can set your account to earn crypto automatically in the background.

Sign up for FireFaucet today and start earning free Bitcoin!

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