Free Bitcoin Earning Games – Earn Bitcoin by Playing Games

Free Bitcoin Earning Games

List of the best bitcoin earning games. Here you can pick up some amazing free bitcoin games. No deposit required. Just play, have fun and earn bitcoin by playing games

1. Stake


Stake is one of the best bitcoin gambling websites, launched in August 2017 by a group of industry veterans, also the most trusted and most active crypto gambling casino until these days.
There are a lot of fun games with great graphics on this site that can make you profitable. Also, there is everything you need to have fun and play from your home pc or on mobile.
Stake has a Community Forum that is popular with its players.
Stake has a Live support service that is 24 hours ready to help.

There are many ways to get Free Coins on Stake:

  • Faucet
  • Forum Posts 
  • Challenges 
  • Rains from Support 
  • Twitter Give Aways 
  • Coupon Codes

Stake offers one of the most competitive affiliate programs. So by referring users, you will receive a commission from every referral forever.
Stake has the fastest withdrawals with low fees. As well the cashout process is instant. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC. ( Read More )

2. Tomy Game

Best games: Tomygame - Top game to get free bitcoin

Tomy Game is one of the best free bitcoin games online to play mini bitcoin games online on a Laptop or Phone and earn bitcoin playing games. Get free satoshi from Bitcoin Generator, Paid to Click Campaigns, claim your Daily Gift, Dig your garden to win nice gifts.
Other Features: Star Collector, Cheese Collector, Chat.
Referral system: 20% commission from your downline earnings.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 Satoshi.
Withdraw options: FaucetPanel or Bitcoin Wallet.
Tom and Jerry welcome You! ( Read More )

3. ClickFight


 ClickFight is one of the Best bitcoin earning games online. Earn free bitcoins by playing a great bitcoin multiplayer game. Fight big NPCs in a group and earn Satoshi, Credits, XP and Cryptos, or fight against your enemies. Upgrade your skills and buy stronger weapons to defeat your enemies easier. There are weekly competitions with big rewards.


The main part is the arena. There you can find up to 20 players/NPCs. Fight the enemies by clicking on their target.
Attack them and get rewards. You can now jump between arena levels until you reach your max arena level. If you just have started, arena level 1 might be your choice. But if you risk more you’ll get higher rewards. High-Level players cannot attack players in low arena levels. Therefore you can only attack other players in arena levels that are 7 levels below your level.


Each weapon has a different accuracy and reload time. They won’t have any effect if you don’t equip them.

Referral program: 10% commission from your referral earnings.
Payout: minimum 10 Satoshis to or minimum 40,000 satoshis to your Bitcoin Wallet.
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4. SatoshiQuiz

SatoshiQuiz - Earn Satoshi by answering quiz questions

 SatoshiQuiz is a great BTC game, where users win satoshi for correctly answering questions. There are more than 60.000 questions in 32 categories. Each question has a time limit of one minute.
To win Bitcoins, you must be logged in and must be between the first three users to answer the question correctly. The total prize is awarded 60% to the first place, 30% to the second place and 10% to the third place. At the beginning of every hour, you will get 10 lives. But, if you give an incorrect answer to a question, your lives count decreases by one. Therefore, when the lives reach zero you cannot attempt more questions.
Referral program: 20% of the referred user’s earnings for 1 year. The smallest withdrawal is 15000 satoshis. Payments are processed once every week.
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5. BitKong

Bitcoin earning games - earn bitcoin playing games

BitKong is one of the best and high paying bitcoin games where you can win free bitcoins by playing the fruit picking game. You can easily earn free bitcoins from the faucet on BitKong and play the game to multiply your bitcoins. Rewards depend on ranks – the higher the rank, the better the benefits. Therefore, try to get the highest rank possible. The minimum withdrawal amount is 4000 ƀits. ( Read More )