Best Ad Networks for Bitcoin Advertising and Publishing

List of the best free bitcoin advertising sites. Find the best bitcoin CPM ad network for publishers, to earn bitcoin from your website. Also, best bitcoin ad sites for advertisers to drive targeted bitcoin traffic to your project

1. Anonymous Ads 

A ADS - one of the best bitcoin cpm ad network for publishers

Anonymous Ads is one of the first Bitcoin Advertising Networks, as well as one of the bitcoin ad sites that don’t require to enter personal details. Also, it is one of the best bitcoin ads networks, that pay in bitcoin for displaying ads on your site and where you can buy targeted traffic to your website using bitcoins. Anonymous Ads offers banner and text ads, provides CPC and CPM Campaigns.


Advertisers can choose between text ads or banner ads, select from a wide range of traffic sources and websites to place their Ads for getting targeted traffic to their website. The payment method is bitcoin.

Earn Bitcoin:

Place Ad Units at your website and earn bitcoin. Create your Ad unit in 30 seconds, no registration needed. You can create an Ad Unit for one page and use it on all other pages.

Website Approval Requirements

The good thing is that everyone can join A-ADS Network as a publisher and place Ad units on their site without any approval of the website.

Ad Unit Requirements

1. Place your ad unit statically so that it is accessible without authorization.
2. Make sure your ad units are visible and accessible.
3. Don’t use fake close buttons or other tricks to generate low-quality clicks for our ads.
4. Do not put more than three Anonymous Ads banners per web page.

Ad Unit types

Anonymous Ads offers several different types of ad unit:
1. Most A-ADS ad units have “site” types. They are for banners built into site code and shown at sites and they earn more if they pass the quality of traffic check.
2. “App” type is for ad units that you want to place somewhere else: mobile applications, browser extensions, etc. These ad units earn less.
3. “Affiliate” type is for ad units, that are not supposed to show advertisements. They are used to give affiliate links and earn fees from campaigns created with these links.

The minimum withdrawal threshold is 0.001 BTC. Direct payment to your Bitcoin Wallet.

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2. Coinzilla  

Coinzilla - Best Bitcoin Ads site

Coinzilla is a bitcoin-related advertising network where you can earn bitcoins from your websites and instantly buy targeted traffic from all around the world. One of the best bitcoin ads sites. Bitcoin CPC and CPM ad network. This ad network will help you reach global audiences and maximize your ROI with minimum effort.

Get Traffic To Your Website:

Guaranteed high-quality traffic. Set up your advertising campaign and deliver ads to the right audience across hundreds of industry websites. You can change your targeting settings, hold or start your campaigns when you wish, change the bid to get more traffic. Through the Coinzilla network, you can easily display a variety of ad formats on your websites, such as header banners, native ads, pop-unders, and more.

Ad Formats:

Coinzilla provides a variety of ad formats:
1. Classic Banners – They are highly visible on the user’s screen and enhanced by HTML5 banners they can bring great results to your campaign.
2. Native Ads – Their format copies the design of the website, and publishers can customize the ad format using its public API. The native ads are perfect for blogs.
3. Pop-unders – This ad format is mostly used by Single Opt-In offers. The pop-under format opens a window behind the content of the user’s active window, containing the advertiser’s landing page.
4. Header Banners – Their positioning always attracts the attention of a visitor, making it highly efficient. Header banners are always placed on the top of the page.
5. Sticky Banners – Always placed on the bottom of the page, the sticky banner is highly visible and will appear only when visitors scroll the page.

Earn Bitcoin:

Publishers can use this Ad Network for both desktop and mobile platforms.
Fast Approvals. High paying CPM and CPC ads. The minimum amount for withdraw is 0.001 BTC.

Website Approval Requirements:

  • The contents of your website are related to the Crypto & Finance industry;
  • You regularly post content on your website;
  • You are not displaying any ads on your website;
  • Your website is at least 3 months old;
  • Your website has a valid SSL certificate;
  • You have purchased your domain name. Websites with,,, etc. will be automatically rejected.

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3. Bitcoadz 


Bitcoadz is a very professional bitcoin-based advertising network, one of the best bitcoin ad sites. Bitcoin CPC and CPM ad network. Get guaranteed visitors to your website. There are a lot of new features.

For Advertisers

Create your ads and generate top quality traffic to your websites. 

  • Geographical filters.
  • Category Targeting.
  • Device Targeting.
  • Mobile-Friendly Ads.
  • Signup Bonus 0.0001 BTC.

For Publishers

Monetize your website traffic by placing ad codes. 
Create text or banner ad codes from your account.
Accepting all Bitcoin/Crypto coin sites.
Referral program with a 10% commission.
The minimum amount for withdraw is 0.004 BTC.  ( Read More )

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4. Mellow Ads

Mellow ads - one of the best bitcoin ad sites and free bitcoin advertising sites

Mellow Ads is one of the oldest and largest bitcoin ad sites for advertisers and publishers. It can deliver millions of impressions per month. Mellow Ads is also one of the best free bitcoin advertising sites, where you can get free advertising credits and advertise your project for free. Bitcoin CPC and CPM ad network.


Mellow Ads Faucet allows you to earn free network advertising credits, once a day. Free network advertising credit will be added to your Mellow Ads account balance. You can claim 500, 1,000, or 3,000 satoshi. 500 satoshi is enough for at least 5 days of network advertising.
Mellow Ads supports Banner, Text, and Pop-Under Ads. Build your text advertisements with powerful styling control and upload multiple image banners. Instant performance statistics available showing view and click totals per day for your campaigns.

Earn Bitcoin:

To earn bitcoins for displaying ads on your website, the website must be approved.

Website Approval Requirements:

  • The website must be in the top 100,000 sites in the Alexa rankings.
  • You must be the owner or administrator of the website.
  • The website URL must not be a referral link for a website that you don’t own.
  • The content of the website must comply with the moral and ethical norms of society.
  • The website must not contain or have links to viruses, phishing, or any sort of malicious software.
  • There should be a reasonable ratio of content to adverts on the website.
  • The website must have its own domain name and not be hosted on a subdomain of hosting domains.
  • The website must not prompt the visitor into clicking on adverts.
  • Traffic to the website should be organic and not generated by any sort of automated traffic-generation system or service.

Earn from CPC and CPM Campaigns

Mellow Ads pay in Bitcoin for CPM Campaigns, CPC Campaigns, and Network Campaigns on your website. CPM Campaigns allow advertisers to buy a specific number of unique views from your ad spaces. CPC Campaigns allow advertisers to buy a specific number of unique clicks from your ad spaces. Network Campaigns show adverts from the network of advertisers, to ensure your ad space is always fully utilized.
The minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC. You can withdraw anytime to your bitcoin wallet.

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