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To learn how to earn Bitcoins on site and get some useful tips, please read this Review: is one of the best and most trusted crypto gambling websites. Above all, Stake is officially licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority. In addition, Stake is verified by the Crypto Gambling Foundation. It offers a lot of fun games to play and win free Bitcoins and other Crypto Coins. Stake accepts different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tron, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple. Also, you can use Two-factor authentication to keep your account secure.

How To Get Free Coins on Stake

If you do not have coins in your account, you can spin the faucet and play games with these coins. Also, there are many other ways to get Free Coins: Forum Posts, Challenges, Weekly Giveaways, Daily Races, Rains from Support, Twitter Give-Aways, Coupon Codes.  Of course, you always have the option to play-for-fun games.

Stake’s Weekly $50k Giveaway

Weekly Giveaways will begin an hour after the latest giveaway ends. Also, end times will remain at 2 pm GMT every Saturday. So, Bet to get tickets to a gift where everyone can win. Above all, just one ticket could bring a share of $50,000 every single week. So, try to earn as many tickets as possible to give yourself the best chance of winning a big reward. Ten lucky winners will get a $5,000 share of the $50,000 prize pool. The betting amount of $ 1,000 is equivalent to 1 ticket. Also, you can review winners drawn on the live stream every Saturday.

Stake review - Weekly Giveaways

Stake’s $10k Daily Race 

Join Stake’s 24-hour $10,000 daily race! For every bet placed (sports, or casino), you will pass through other racers in the top 100 positions. So,  you’ll increase your chances for a bigger prize. Also, you can review race announcements and bonus prize information on Stake’s Telegram channel.

Stake. com review - 24h Race

Available Games on Stake

Certainly, all Stake games you can play using crypto. Currently, return to players reaches up to 99% on some games. Thus, there are a lot of fun games, including Original and Exclusive games for Stake:

  • 16 Stake’s Original Games
  • 13 Stake’s Exclusive Games
  • 9 Game Shows
  • 1400 Slot Games
  • 45 Table Games
  • 25 Live Casino Games
  • 8 Blackjack Games
  • 5 Baccarat Games
  • 11 Roulette Games
  • 6 Challenge Games

Stake’s Original Games 

These Original games are only available at So, here you can find 16 Unique Games to play with crypto and win Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies: Blackjack, Mines, Plinko, Roulette, Chartbet, Dice, Limbo, Hilo, Diamond Poker, Video Poker, Keno, Baccarat, Dice (Original), Wheel, Scarab Spin, Blue Samurai. Review - Available Games

How To Play Stake’s Original Games 

Blackjack review - Blackjack - place review - Take an review - double
1. Place Your Bet
Place your Bet. Then, you and the dealer are both dealt with two cards.
2. Hit
After that, take an extra card.
3. Double
Then, double your bet and take one final card. review - Split your review - Protect your review - Winning chance
4. Split
Split your hand into two (only
available with two cards of the same value). Then, double your bet.
5. Insurance
Protect your hand against the
dealer having blackjack.
(But, only available when dealer’s
first hand is an Ace).
6. Winning chance
So, closest to 21 wins.

Mines review - review - Cashout
1. Number of Mines
Firstly, bet the amount you want and choose the number of mines.
2. Search for Gems
Secondly, search for Gems, but
look out for mines.
3. Be Aware
Finally, cash out before you hit a mine and lose your profit.

Chartbet review - Chartbet - review - review - Auto Cashout
1. Invest
Firstly, hit the BET button and watch your investment rise.
2. Cashout
Necessarily, cashout before the market crashes.
3. Auto Cashout
Also, automatically cashout out your chosen multiplier.

Diamond Poker

Diamond Poker - TieDiamond Poker - Two PairsDiamond Poker - Three of a Kind
1. Tie
Two of the same hand will be a tie.
2. Two Pairs 
Two pairs are better than one pair.
3. Three of a Kind
Three of a kind is better than two pairs.
Diamond Poker - Full HouseDiamond Poker - Four of a KindDiamond Poker - Five of a Kind
4. Full House
Full House is better than three of a kind (pays 1.5x if you win).
5. Four of a Kind
Four of a kind is better than a full house.
6. Five of a Kind
Five of a kind is better than Four of a Kind and the highest possible hand.

Keno review. Keno - Picking numbersKeno - Rewarding
1. Picking numbers
Keno is a fast-paced bingo game.
So, choose up to 10 numbers.
2. Rewarding
10 numbers are randomly picked,
if your numbers get hit you win!
So, more hits –  higher payout.

Stake’s Exclusive Games 

Stake’s exclusive games you will not find in other online casinos. So, here you can find 13 fun games to win Bitcoin or other Crypto Coins: Stake Million, Stake’s Book of Cats, Return to Paris, Divine Book of Stake, Xtreme fruits, Majestic King, Stylebender’s Pick, Book of Stake, Demi Gods 3, Fire Queen, Book of Tribes, Stake Club, Demi Gods 2.

Stake’s Exclusive Games

Stake’s Game Shows 

Above all, the Game Shows give players more entertainment, communication, and excitement than ever before. In addition, adding multipliers that increase excitement, gives players a chance to win big prizes. Meanwhile, in this section Stake offers 9 amazing Game Shows to play, have fun and win Bitcoins: Crazy Time, Lightning Roulette, Monopoly, Mega Ball, Deal or No Deal, Lightning Dice, Gonzos Treasure Hunt, Football Studio, Dream Catcher.

Stake Game Shows

Affiliate Program

Meanwhile, you can earn free bitcoin through participating in the Stake’s Affiliate Program. So, you will receive an affiliate commission for every user that registers and plays on Stake through your links. Also, you can review referral activity on “Referred Users” and “Analytics” pages.


Most importantly, Stake offers Instantly deposits and withdrawals.  So, all payments are processed instantly to your Bitcoin or other Crypto Wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC. But, there is no maximum withdrawal limit. So, if you win really big, you can instantly withdraw the full amount.

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