free-bitcoin-sites-header Review – Unique Games, Big Wins Review is one of the best and most trusted bitcoin gambling websites. It offers 14 unique games to play and win free bitcoins.

How To Get Free Coins on Stake

You can claim free Bitcoins from Faucet and use the coins to play Games. Also, there are many other ways to get Free Coins: Forum Posts, Challenges, Rains from Support, Twitter Give-Aways, Coupon Codes.

Available Games on Stake

Here you can find 14 different Games to earn Bitcoin: Blackjack, Mines, Plinko, Roulette, Chartbet, Dice, Limbo, Hilo, Diamond Poker, Video Poker, Keno, Baccarat, Dice (Original), Wheel. Review - Available Games

How To Play Games

Blackjack review - Blackjack - place bet review - Take an card review - double
1. Place Your Bet
Place your Bet, then you and the dealer are both dealt with two cards.
2. Hit
Take an extra card.
3. Double
Double your bet and take one final card. review - Split your hand review - Protect your hand review - Winning chance
4. Split
Split your hand into two (only
available with two cards of the same value) and double your bet.
5. Insurance
Protect your hand against the
dealer having blackjack.
(Only available when dealer’s
first hand is an Ace).
6. Winning chance
Closest to 21 wins.


Mines review - Gems review - Cashout
1. Number of Mines
Bet the amount you want and choose your number of mines.
2. Search for Gems
Search for Gems, but
look out for mines.
3. Be Aware
Cashout before you hit a mine and lose your profit.

Chartbet review - Chartbet - Invest review - Cashout review - Auto Cashout
1. Invest
Hit the BET button and watch your investment rise.
2. Cashout
Cashout before the market crashes.
3. Auto Cashout
Automatically cashout out your chosen multiplier.

Diamond Poker

Diamond Poker - Tie Diamond Poker - Two Pairs Diamond Poker - Three of a Kind
1. Tie
Two of the same hand will be a tie.
2. Two Pairs 
Two pairs are better than one pair.
3. Three of a Kind
Three of a kind is better than two pairs.
Diamond Poker - Full House Diamond Poker - Four of a Kind Diamond Poker - Five of a Kind
4. Full House
Full House is better than three of a kind (pays 1.5x if you win).
5. Four of a Kind
Four of a kind is better than a full house.
6. Five of a Kind
Five of a kind is the best possible hand.


Keno - Picking numbers Keno - Rewarding
1. Picking numbers
Keno is a fast-paced bingo game.
Choose up to 10 numbers.
2. Rewarding
10 numbers are randomly picked,
if your numbers get hit you win!
More hits –  higher payout.

Affiliate Program

Earn free bitcoin through participating in the Stake’s Affiliate Program. You will receive an affiliate commission for every user that registers and plays on Stake through your links. You can review referral activity on “Referred Users” and “Analytics” pages.


The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC.
All payments are processed to your Bitcoin Wallet.

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