Bitcoin reviews

Bitcoinclicker Review

Bitcoinclicker Review

Bitcoinclicker is a new legit and the only Bitcoin

PTC/GPT/Faucet site with the highest payouts.
                           Here are different ways to earn free bitcoins and you

                           can earn them in a new fun way.





Up to 40 Satoshi per ad click.
Up to 20 Satoshi per referral ad click.
10 Satoshi per video watch.
Up to 50000 Satoshi per app install.
Up to 100000 Satoshi for every completed survey.
Up to 500000 Satoshi for free trials.




Laser targeted traffic.
5 seconds to 60 seconds of watch time.
Low CPM and high traffic volumes.
Country Targeting.


Ways to earn bitcoin


- Rol & Claim 
- Daily ADS
- Offers
- Offerwals


Rol & Claim 


You can claim up to 61,000 Satoshi and win Premium Membership

every 60 minutes.


How it works:
1. Complete captcha.
2. Click claim button.
3. Enjoy your reward!
4. Wait 60 minutes and claim again.

Possible rewards you can see here:


Bitcoinclicker review - bitcoin reward



Complete Offers


Here you can earn free Bitcoins by simply completing offers.

How it works:
1. Click one of the following offers.
2. Complete the offer (Play a game, download a free app... etc.)
Once you completed the offer you will be automatically rewarded with free BTC.


bitcoin clicker - bitcoin clicker review



Referral program 


Earn 10-35% rate lifetime referral earnings on everything.




Payments are send instantly to your FaucetHub account.
The minimum payout amount is 20000 Satoshi.


Create your Free Account here: Bitcoinclicker