Best Bitcoin PTP (Paid To Promote) Sites

One of the intriguing ways to earn free Bitcoin and promote your content is through Paid To Promote (PTP) platforms. In this article, we’ll explore the Legit and best PTP sites that pay in Bitcoin. Here you will find the updated list of the best Bitcoin PTP sites.

Last updated on 1 March 2024

Top 2 Best Bitcoin PTP Sites In 2024

1. Traffic2Bitcoin

Traffic2Bitcoin - one of the best bitcoin PTP sites

Traffic2Bitcoin is one of the best Bitcoin PTP – Paid To Promote sites for both: Advertisers and Publishers. This platform provides a new opportunity to earn Bitcoin by driving traffic to your website. This dual feature makes the platform unique, and suitable for both website owners who want to increase their website traffic and those who want to earn Bitcoin easily.

Earn Bitcoins:

Unlock Bitcoin Rewards for Your Website!
Boost your Bitcoin stash by promoting your PTP link and enjoy a lifetime 10% commission on your referral earnings.

But that’s not all – dive into the world of Autosurf and revel in a generous 0.8 to 1 surfing ratio, making your earning potential even more exciting!

Minimum Payouts Made Easy:
Instantly receive 0.0005 BTC directly to your Bitcoin Wallet Address, with only a minimal 0.00004 BTC transaction fee.
For micro-level earnings, grab 0.00000001 BTC (1 satoshi) through the Micropayment Platform FaucetPay, completely fee-free!


Experience lightning-fast traffic to your site – and the best part? You’re only paying for unique visitors! Say goodbye to charges for returning IPs; enjoy the bonus of free returns. Witness top-notch quality and awesome results for your business.

But wait, there’s more! Dive into the world of PTP Ads with a jaw-dropping 50% discount when you pay with BTC. Picture this: 10,000 unique visitors flooding your site for an unbelievably low 0.00008 BTC.

Take control of your traffic flow! Set limits per day and per minute, ensuring a seamless and steady stream of visitors to your web page. Don’t just get traffic, get the right traffic with customized solutions.

2. Ad2Bitcoin

Ad2Bitcoin - One of the legit ptp sites is a dynamic Bitcoin PTP platform that seamlessly integrates advertising strategies with the opportunity to earn Bitcoin. This platform is one of the legit PTP sites and a free banner advertising network. Therefore, you can get free daily 1000 banner credits from their faucet and advertise your links for free. Also, you will earn 10% of your referral traffic (Bitcoin + Banner Credits).  Ad2Bitcoinis prioritizes transparency and efficiency in its payout system. Advertisers can enjoy instant payouts in Bitcoin, ensuring that they see the results of their campaigns in real time.
Minimum Payout:
1. 0.0005 BTC instantly to your Bitcoin Wallet Address. Also, there are 0.00003 BTC transaction fees.
2. 0.00000001 BTC to Micropayment Platform FaucetPay. Above all, there are no transaction fees.

Earn Bitcoins:

  1. Bitcoin + Banner Credits for Your Website:
    • Instant approval for all websites
    • No Alexa rank or daily traffic requirements
    • Live stats to track your performance
    • Easily insert banner code on your site for seamless integration
    • Enjoy a generous CPM reward of 0.000004 BTC along with 12,000 Banner Credits
  2. Earn While You Surf with Banner Exchange Surf Bar:
    • Effortlessly earn Bitcoin and Banner Credits
    • No setup or website required – a hassle-free experience
    • Benefit from a free banner exchange rotator
    • Experience a sleek and compact banner bar for unobtrusive surfing
    • Hourly Bitcoin rewards to keep your earnings flowing
    • Live stats to keep you in the loop


  1. Daily Banner Credits Galore:
    • Score a whopping 1000 banner credits every day – a daily dose of promotional power!
    • No need for a website – the platform simplifies the process for you.
  2. Spread Your Message Far and Wide:
    • No website? No problem! You can still unleash your ad across +500 sites for FREE!
    • Amplify your reach without the hassle or cost.
  3. Budget-Friendly Impressions:
    • Want to make an even bigger impact? Purchase 10,000 impressions for a mere 0.00002 BTC.
    • Stretch your advertising budget while maximizing your exposure.

Stopped Paying Bitcoin PTP Sites

Clixcoin (  Not Paying

Clixcoin is an advertising platform with a lot of earning opportunities for members: not only Paid To Promote, but also Surf Ads, Auto-Surfing, and Active Windows Ads. Most importantly, this site gives you a promotion link. So, simply promote your Paid to Promote sites link and watch your earnings grow. Therefore, the more active you are, the more you earn. Consequently, start promoting your PTP link on various allowed sites such as Manual Traffic Exchanges, Paid-To-Click,  Revshare sites,  Social media, Grid & Prize programs, etc.
Meanwhile, the minimum payout is 0.0002 BTC, paid instantly.

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