Best Bitcoin PTP (Paid To Promote) Sites

Here you will find the updated list of the best Bitcoin PTP sites. Legit and best PTP sites that pay in Bitcoin. Share Paid to Promote site affiliate links and earn BTC.

Last updated on 13 June 2024

Top 2 Best Bitcoin PTP Sites In 2024

1. Traffic2Bitcoin

One of the best bitcoin PTP sites - Traffic2Bitcoin

Traffic2Bitcoin is one of the best Bitcoin PTP – Paid To Promote sites for Advertisers and Publishers. Here you can earn Bitcoin and advertise your website at the same time.

Earn Bitcoins on Traffic2Bitcoin

Here you can earn BTC in various ways:
1. Earn Bitcoins from your website.
2. Get BTC by promoting your PTP link.
3. Earn 10% of your referral earnings for a lifetime.
4. Also, you can earn from Autosurf. A 0.8 to 1 surfing ratio is available now.

You can insert the Pop-under code into your site. The Pop-under code will show ads and you will get paid for it. You should enter this code only once. Otherwise, it will reduce your CPM rate and you will earn less. Also, Traffic2Bitcoin only counts unique hits. No ads will be shown to returning visitors. To earn more, you can send traffic to your PTP URL, which you will find in your Traffic2Bitcoin account.

Minimum Payout Amount and Options

You can withdraw your earned bitcoins from Traffic2Bitcoin in two ways:
1. 0.0005 BTC instantly to your Bitcoin Wallet Address. Also, there are 0.00004 BTC transaction fees.
2. 0.00000001 BTC (1 satoshi) to Micropayment Platform FaucetPanel. However, there are no transaction fees.

Advertise on Traffic2Bitcoin

Traffic2Bitcoin has the following features for advertisers:
1. Fast traffic to your website.
2. Unique visitors to your web page.
3. Setting the traffic limit.

Above all, you pay for unique visitors only. So, returning IPs will be Free. You can get high-quality results for your business. Also, you can buy PTP Ads with a 50% discount in BTC. 10,000 unique visitors will cost you only 0.00008 BTC. In addition, you can set traffic limits per day and per minute to deliver the traffic to your website according to your needs.

2. Ad2Bitcoin

 One of the legit ptp sites - Ad2Bitcoin

Ad2Bitcoin is one of the legit PTP sites and a free banner advertising network. Therefore, you can get free daily 1000 banner credits from their faucet and advertise your links for free. Also, you will earn 10% of your referral traffic (Bitcoin + Banner Credits).

Earn Bitcoins on Ad2Bitcoin

1. Earn From Your Website

  • All websites are approved instantly.
  • No Alexa rank is required.
  • Also, no daily traffic is required.
  • Live stats.
  • Insert Banner Code on your site.
  • CPM Reward: 0.000004 BTC + 12,000 Banner Credits.

You can insert the banner code into your site. You should not enter more than three codes per page. Otherwise, your earning rate will be reduced.

2. Earn From Banner Exchange Surf Bar

    • Earn Bitcoin and banner credits.
    • There is no setup required.
    • No website is required.
    • Free banner exchange rotator.
    • Simple and small banner bar.
    • Hourly Bitcoin rewards.
    • Live stats.

The current banner exchange bar earning/hour – 600 Banner Credits + 0.00000030 BTC.

Payout Options

1. 0.0005 BTC instantly to your Bitcoin Wallet Address. Also, there are 0.00003 BTC transaction fees.
2. 00000001 BTC to Micropayment Platform FaucetPanel. However, there are no transaction fees.

Advertise on Ad2Bitcoin

Ad2Bitcoin has the following features for advertisers:
1. Faucet for Free Advertising. You can get 1000 banner credits every day.
2. Fast banner ads approval.
3. No website is required. You can buy 10,000 impressions for 0.00002 BTC.
4. You can post your ad on more than 1000 sites for free.

Stopped Paying Bitcoin PTP Sites

Clixcoin (  Not Paying

Clixcoin is an advertising platform with a lot of earning opportunities for members: not only Paid To Promote, but also Surf Ads, Auto-Surfing, and Active Windows Ads. So, simply promote your Paid to Promote sites link and watch your earnings grow. Therefore, the more active you are, the more you earn. Consequently, start promoting your PTP link on various allowed sites such as Manual Traffic Exchanges, Paid-To-Click,  Revshare sites,  Social media, Grid & Prize programs, etc. Meanwhile, the minimum payout is 0.0002 BTC, paid instantly.

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