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Bitcoin News


The Bitcoin blockchain has experienced its third block reward halving today. The mining reward has now been reduced from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC per block.

The halving occurs every four years. It went down from 50 Bitcoin to 25 Bitcoin per block in 2012 and then decreased to 12.5 BTC per block in 2016. This is the third halving since Bitcoin’s creation in 2009.

The latest Bitcoin halving has a direct impact on miners and will trigger them to shut down mining new Bitcoin because work and resources will need to double to achieve the same reward as before.


Bitpay announced it is going to be allowing customers to purchase digital belongings the use of the Bitpay platform. Customers can now buy digital belongings. Bitpay app customers have the potential to buy BTC and other cryptos through the company’s partnership with Simplex. Bitpay discovered that customers can also buy the supported cryptocurrencies with a credit score card without leaving the application.


Chinese company Alibaba recently proclaimed a partnership with New York-based retail startup Lolli. Together, they require to supply customers cashback premiums within the sort of Bitcoin. With the new service, customers will get back to up to 5% of their purchases within the sort of bitcoins. The cashback is paid solely in Satoshi, the littlest unit of Bitcoin. These are repaid once selected things are purchased on-line on the AliExpress platform. As AliExpress is the largest retail and e-commerce company within the world, this was a milestone for the corporate.


Bitcoin value continues to trend lower, marking five consecutive lower highs because the value makes a stairstep decline in an exceedingly falling wedge. apparently, the pattern is understood by several analysts as an indication of a doubtless optimistic outcome thus maybe there’s still hope.

The price has punctured the $8,700 support 3 times over the past four days, increasing the prospect that the worth can drop to the lower trendline of the falling wedge at $8,480. The daily chart shows that Bitcoin had spent the week riding on the 200-DMA, a degree that was lost earlier nowadays.

The volume profile visible vary shows a volume gap between $8,800 and $9,000, which means the Bitcoin might rally three.45% to $9,000, a degree which might bring the worth higher than the 50-DMA and slightly below the Bollinger Band indicator moving average at $9,000.

A move to $9,000 would set a 3-day higher high at the 100-DMA, transportation Bitcoin value out of the falling wedge and probably serving because the initial indication of a short trend modification for investors.


The cryptocurrency market is back to life. Bitcoin roared once more and now around, it looks the expected bottom has been reached already. The premier cryptocurrency crystal rectifier the market during a $40 billion revival in but forty-eight hours. Bitcoin hit $10,500 that was over a four-hundredth surge in precisely over on a daily basis.

Since the pessimistic correction started in late June at $13,900, this can be the largest single-day surge. The corrective channel has currently been broken to the top side. As a result of this, Bitcoin market dominance has come back to sixty-eight. commerce volume spiked massively. Even Bakkt Bitcoin futures jumped by 260% to hit $11 million valuations in twenty-four hours. this implies that Bitcoin performed higher than the Altcoin combination.

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