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RollerCoin is the first Bitcoin Mining Game in the world.  However, there will be no complicated mining calculation algorithms carried out. So, you need to build a Bitcoin Mining Center here. In order to mine Bitcoins, you will have to take care of mining power, complete quests, and missions. You can play this game for free and earn real Bitcoins at the same time. To learn all the ways to earn bitcoins in this game, please read this RollerCoin Review.

Mining Power on RollerCoin

The first thing you need to do when starting to play the game is to get the mining power. It is required to get a part of a mining block and start making real Bitcoins. Learn more:

1. Earning Mining Power

You can earn mining power in various ways, including purchasing miners for the data center and playing games. Purchasing miners adds permanent mining power while playing games provides temporary power that lasts for 24 hours.

2. Permanent vs. Temporary Power

When you purchase a new miner, it adds permanent power to their profile, and the miner continues to operate even when you are offline. Conversely, the power earned from playing games is temporary, requiring daily gameplay to maintain stability and compensate for power decreases from previous days.

3. Enhanced Power with Game Wins

Upon winning specific numbers of games (10, 30, 60), you receive a better PC, extending the duration for which their game power remains active to 3, 5, and 7 days, respectively.

4. Stable Mining Power

To ensure stable mining power, you are encouraged to purchase and place miners in your room, as the power from miners is permanent and continues to operate even when you are offline.

5. Expected Reward Calculation

The expected reward is an approximate amount of cryptocurrency you receive from the next block reward, calculated based on your mining power compared to the rest of the mining pool.

By understanding the dynamics of permanent and temporary mining power, you can strategically enhance your mining capability and engage in gameplay to maintain and strengthen your position within the mining on RollerCoin.

Mini Games on RollerCoin

By playing Mini-Games, you can increase the mining power for 24 hours. So, during that time you will be able to mine Bitcoins. Mining Power will be added when you win the game. Here is a wide selection of games to play:
Coinclick, Token Blaster, Flappy Rocket, Crypronoid, Coin Match, Crypto Hamster, 2048 Coins, CoinFlip, Dr. Hamster, Token Surfer.

RollerCoin mini games

Each game has 10 difficulty levels. However, each level is more challenging to play, but not very difficult.

So, you have to play games every day to keep the Power unaffected. However, here is another way to make your job easier. So, this is a computer upgrade. As a result, this will extend the validity of mining power.

Computer Upgrade

To win a computer upgrade, you have to win a certain number of games. The next better computer you will get when you win 10 games and with which help the mining power will expire not after 24 hours but after 3 days.

RollerCoin Review - upgrade computer to boost your mining power

Additionally, when you win 30 games, you will receive a computer with which the mining power will run out after 5 days

RollerCoin Review - upgrade computer 2

Finally, when you win 60 games, your mining power will be valid for 7 days. Also, you can review RollerCoin Mining Power holding days and PC Level on the “Games” page. However, be aware that you should win at least 1 game every day to save your new computer not downgraded to default.

Mining Equipment

To further increase your mining power and earn more bitcoins, you can buy mining equipment on the site. Then, your Mining Power will run uninterrupted for an unlimited time. To purchase a first miner, you must first purchase a rack. Then, you will be able to build a miner on this rack.

RollerCoin miners for mining power

In the RollerCoin game, you can mine Bitcoin, Doge, and ETH. Also, a very important currency here is the RollerToken (RLT). With RollerTokens you can buy new rooms, miners, racks, and other equipment. To mine RollerTokens, you need to switch your mining power from BTC to RLT.

RollerCoin Affiliate Program

RollerCoin offers a very decent affiliate program where it pays you big commissions. You will receive a 25% commission on your referral earnings. In addition, you will earn a 10% commission from their spending if they buy some mining equipment. Also, you can review RollerCoin referral activity statistics on the “Referral Program” page.


Your earned Bitcoins you can reinvest back into the game to buy some new mining equipment or withdraw them to your Bitcoin, Doge, or ETH wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount here is 0.0001 BTC.

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