SatoshiQuiz Review – Earn Bitcoin By Answering Quiz Questions

To explore how to get satoshi by playing the quiz, please read this SatoshiQuiz review.

SatoshiQuiz is a great bitcoin earning site where you can earn free bitcoins by answering different questions. So, you can easily earn satoshi by playing a quiz. Questions here are asked to you randomly from 32 categories. Also, as many as 60,000 questions fall into these categories. You have 1 minute to think and answer each question. However, the values for the questions are different. You can get more Satoshi for correct answers to some questions than by answering others. In order to win bitcoins, you need to log in to the sites. Then, you have to answer the question correctly and get between the three people who answered the question correctly in the shortest time. The total prize is 60% to the first user, 30% to the second user, and 10% to the third user.

SatoshiQuiz review - earn satoshi by playing quiz

Lives on SatoshiQuiz

You can try to answer the questions until you run out of lives. Each player initially has 10 lives. If you make a mistake and answer the question incorrectly, then you are wiped out with 1 life. After you answer 10 questions incorrectly, your number of lives will reach 0. Then you will be no longer allowed to answer other questions. However, at the beginning of the next hour, you will get 10 free lives again. So, after 1 hour you can earn satoshi by playing the quiz again.

Ranks on SatoshiQuiz

The experience of the players is determined by the Ranks. So, the more you answer the question correctly, the higher your rank will be. Also, the higher your Rank is,  the greater your share of the prize pool you will receive. So, the prize for the quiz is adjusted for Rank as follows: Rank 10 gets only 20% of the prize. However, Rank 1 gets even 100% of the prize. Ranks are updated once a day.

SatoshiQuiz Review: Faucet Game Mode

When Faucet mode is selected, questions are displayed for 1 minute and then changed to another question. So, you should try to answer the question as soon as possible. If you answer the question quickly and correctly enough, you will earn a certain amount of Bitcoins.

Solo Challenge Game Mode

Once the Solo Challenge mode is selected, you will challenge other players in specific categories. Also, a participation fee will already be applied here, which will be deducted from your account at the beginning of the game. So if you meet the criteria to win the prize, you will get a certain amount of Satoshi in your account.

Affiliate Program

If a new user registers to the site through your referral link, you can get 20% of the referred user’s earnings for 1 year. Also, you can review SatoshiQuiz referred users list and activity on the Referral page in My Account.


SatoshiQuiz Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal is 15000 satoshis. You can submit the request to withdraw your Bitcoins on the “My Account” page. Payments are processed once every week on Sunday.

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