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Genesis Mining Review

Genesis Mining Review - Start Bitcoin Mining Today


Genesis Mining is one of the largest and the leading

Bitcoin Mining Company on the market.The company was

founded in 2013. Their mining farms are located in America, Europe 

and Asia. Genesis Mining currently has more than 2,000,000 members.

It is a real company with real people working for it. 


Bitcoin Mining contracts are back!
Genesis Mining is relaunching Bitcoin Sha256 Cloud Mining Services!
5 Year Bitcoin Mining Contracts are available!
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Wallet Address For Payouts


Sign up for a new account here: Genesis Mining

Click on "My Account" - "Settings" - "Wallets". Enter your wallet address and

select the minimum payout threshold.
Your mining reward will be automatically sent to your wallet.



Buy Hashpower


Click on "Buy Hashpower" in the left sidebar menu to purchase your hash rate.
Select 5 year Bitcoin Mining (Radiant - Limited Offer) SHA-256 Mining Algorithm.
Slide the button to the right to choose your hash rate.


Genesis Mining Review - mining contracts



Choose your payment option, e.g., Credit Card(USD), Bitcoin

and click "Continue".


Genesis Mining Review - genesis mining profitability



Enter the promo code 4mSCvV to get the discount

and click "Validate" button.


Genesis Mining Review - cloud mining hashrate promo code



Scroll to the bottom of page, agree on Mining Capacity Share Agreement

by checking the box "AGREE ON TERMS" and confirm your order.
Mining goes live as soon as you purchase!



Mining Allocation


Click on the "Mining Allocation" tab to choose the coins you want to mine.
Allocate your coins and enhance your mining performance.


Start Mining Now

Create your Account here: Genesis Mining


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