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MultiCoinFaucet Review

MultiCoinFaucet Review - Free Bitcoin and Ethereum


MultiCoinFaucet is a great Faucet, where you can earn Bitcoin and Ethereum.
At the beginning you need to click "Go To Bitcoin Faucet" or "Go To

Ethereum Faucet" button to start earning Bitcoin or Ethereum. 
The main ways to earn free Bitcoin and Ethereum are Faucets and

Roll Dice. Also you can try to win Bitcoin or Ethereum in Hi-Lo Dice and Raffle.





Claim 0.00000022 BTC every 30 minutes.
Claim 0.00000037 ETH every 30 minutes.

The captcha is very easy to solve.


MultiCoinFaucet Review - btc faucet



Roll Dice


To receive your free Bitcoins and Ethereum you need to fill the captcha and press

the "Roll" button.
The amount of Bitcoins or Ethereum you win is depends upon the number you roll

and is shown in the payout table:


MultiCoinFaucet Review - multicoin faucet         Multicoinfaucet payout table ethereum



Hi-Lo Dice


Wondering how to increase your Bitcoins or Ethereum? 
Make a bet, roll the dice and watch your money grow or shrink.



Testing your luck? Try to hit big at the lottery! Winners are chosen randomly. 
Try your luck and win big without any risk! 



Affiliate program


By referring users you will earn 35% commission on your referrals earnings.  



Payment Proof


MultiCoinFaucet Review -  payment proof





1. Fixed withdrawal of 0.00040000 BTC to FaucetHub wallet.
2. Fixed withdrawal of 0.00200000 ETH to FaucetHub wallet.
   Fee: 0.00000000 ETH.
3. Fixed withdrawal of 0.00260000 ETH to any other wallet.
   Fee: 0.00020000 ETH.


Create your Free Account here: MultiCoinFaucet




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