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TomyGame Review

TomyGame Review 

TomyGame is a bitcoin based game to discover and play 
a lot of Mini Games inside and earn free bitcoins.
Whatever your age, you will find what you love.

Free Bitcoin Generator

Collect free satoshi from generator every 1 Hour or sooner.
Play more and do collects to find new STARS!
You can find up to 3 STARS every day!

TomyGame review - earn from faucet


Explore Duck!
Discover All 5 boxes to find the correct duck and get the prize. explore duck

Change Player

STARS can be used to rent new players!
Make sure you have enough starts to change your player.
Jerry has small capacity, but it is more faster than Tom.
Tom has larger capacity, but it is slower than Jerry.
Big Dog has larger capacity and is faster than Tom and Jerry.
Players for stars will remain 2 days only, 
then will swich back to Jerry player as default.
Tom and Jerry players will remain for lifetime.

TomyGame Review  change player

TomyGame Players for stars

Daily Bonus

Claim your daily bonus from 3 gift boxes.
Each gift box have different prizes.

TomyGame Review  daily gift TomyGame you won satoshi


Play and Dig your garden to win nice gifts!
Possible Gifts : 
Gift                Chance
Nothing            35%
5 Saroshi         35%
100 Satoshi     20%
500 Satoshi       5%
1 Star                5%

TomyGame digg



When you collect satoshi, from time to time you also get some food.
Do more collects to find more Foods!
Some food you can find up to 5 items every day!
Feed your player and you will get a bonus in satoshi when your player's health is full.

Tomy Game your foods

Put Grand to work

If you want Grand to clean, click the link.
Sometimes you need to click the link 2 times.
Work will expire in 25 minutes and you can click the link again.

TomyGame Review  if you want Grand to clean  TomyGame I'm cleaning


To claim rewards from Campaigns:
Pickup any Campaign and click, wait for timer for some seconds, 
click on the picture to claim your reward.

Referral Program

You get 20% of your referral collects for lifetime! 

TomyGame referrals 


Withdraw options: FaucetHub or Bitcoin Wallet.
When your account is New, your minimum withdraw is 5,000 satoshi.
When you total recieve 10,000 satoshi, your minimum withdraw will be 100 satoshi.

Create your Free Account here: TomyGame