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Best Bitcoin PTC Sites

Updated list of the highest paying bitcoin PTC sites. 
Get free bitcoins from top paying, established and trusted 
paid to click bitcoin sites. Get free Bitcoins just for viewing ads. 


BTC Clicks is an legit bitcoin advertising platform. Earn Bitcoins for

viewing websites and referring friends.

Referral program with a 40% to 80% commission. ( Read More )

Ads per day - Up to 30

Pay per click - Up to 0.004 mBTC

Minimum Payout - 0.0001 BTC




CoinBulb bitcoin ptc site


Coin Bulb is an excellent bitcoin advertising platform.

Earn Bitcoins by viewing ads.
Instant payment to your Bitcoin wallet.
Advertise to receive High-quality Bitcoin related traffic to your website.

Ads per day - Up to 20

Pay per click - Up to 0.05 mBTC

Minimum Payout - 0.5 mBTC
 No Minimum Payout


DonkeyMails is one of the oldest and most trusted PTC site, paying

its members without issues and now accept Bitcoins as Payout option.

You can earn bitcoins by viewing PTC ads, reading emails, surfing,

paid to promote, from PTC Wall, completing offers.
Referral program: 5 referral levels 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1% commission

from your referral earnings. ( Read More )
Ads per day - Up to 100
Pay per click - Up to 800 Satoshi
Minimum Payout - 0.0002 BTC


Myfreeshares Get paid daily just for being an active member.
In the members area you will find several ways to earn:
paid to click ads, paid e-mails, manual surf. Get paid to signup for services

and offers. Read More )
5 referral levels  

Ads per day - Up to 30

Pay per click - Up to 0.002 mBTC

Minimum Payout - 0.002 BTC




BtcVic bitcoin ptc site


Btc Vic is a PTC(paid to click) site, where you earn bitcoins for visiting websites. 
Advertise to get a thousands of new customers. All visitors are guaranteed

to be bitcoin users.
Referral program: 50% commission from your referral earnings.

Ads per day - Up to 20

Pay per click - Up to 0.002 mBTC

Minimum Payout - 0.00015 BTC




RefBit bitcoin ptc site


Ref Bit is a paid to click site, where you earn bitcoins by viewing ads. 
Advertise and target real bitcoin users.
Referral program: earn 30% per referral click.

Ads per day - Up to 20

Pay per click - Up to 0.002 mBTC

Minimum Payout - 0.00012 BTC




ClixSense GPT site


Clix Sense is one of the oldest, most popular and most trusted GPT

(Get Paid To) site. You can earn for your online activities, including:

Visiting Websites, Paid Surveys, Free Offers, Micro Tasks, Contests,

Shopping Online, Referring Others.

Since February 2007 ClixSense has paid out more than $26.000.000

to its members.

Since May 5, 2017 Tango Card has removed the bitcoin option for cashouts, 

but you still have the option to withdraw your funds to Payza and then sent

them directly to your bitcoin wallet.

Ads per day - Up to 40

Pay per Survey, Task, Offer - variable 

Minimum Payout - $6 (0.001 BTC)




AdBTC bitcoin PTC site


adBTC allows you to get free bitcoins just for visiting bitcoin sites.
Affiliate program: 7.5% from your referral earnings and 2.5% from your referral

advertisement spendings.

Ads per day - Up to 30

Pay per click - Up to 200 Satoshi

Minimum Payout - 0.00015 BTC




clix4btc bitcoin PTC site



Get paid for your activities, including: viewing ads, offerwalls, faucet, lottery,

contests, games, paid to promote.
Affiliate program: 60% - 150% commission from your referral earnings.

Up to 0.0002BTC per 1000 views in PTP.

Ads per day - Up to 40

Pay per click - Up to 120 Satoshi

Minimum Payout - 0.0002 BTC




FamilyBTC bitcoin related PTC site


FamilyBTC There are several ways to earn free Bitcoins:
viewing ads, faucet, offers, tasks, clixgrid.
Up to 100% referral commission.

Ads per day - Up to 30

Pay per click - Up to 120 Satoshi

Minimum Payout - 0.0004 BTC




Получай доход каждые 10 минут!






Bitcoin PTC sites are the best online money programs and the fastest way

to earn Bitcoins, just by clicking advertisements and viewing websites.

You need just click ads, view sites and earn bitcoins.


How to earn free bitcoins from bitcoin PTC sites?


To earn free bitcoins from PTC sites, you need a bitcoin wallet. 
During registration you will need to enter your bitcoin address.
PTC sites are a great way for website owners to get more visitors. It is typical

for Bitcoin PTC sites to have a referral system. Each bitcoin paid to click site

offer referral commissions for referring friends.
You can refer your friends, earn commissions of referral clicks and get much

more bitcoins.
To earn quicker and more, login daily and watch all available advertisements.

Open all sites at once and view advertisements of each site at the same time.

Also you can upgrade your membership, to get some higher rewards for your

clicks and higher commissions for your referrals clicks.






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