Reviews review is a free Bitcoin RPG browser game allowing you to play Pokemon and earn free Bitcoins from the Poke Shop, by completing quests, by doing Pokemon battles and more.



Poke Shop


Earn profits for running your own shop and claim your daily Satoshi reward for free. 
Make sure to collect your profits at least once a day!
You are able to upgrade your shop and raise your daily profits. Poke Shop




Completing quests is the main way to earn free Satoshi in the game. Quests take place in different locations and each location requires a certain level on order to visit it. Quests


Battle Arena


Fight with other pokemon trainers and earn free Satoshi on every win. 
The more battles you win the more EXP your Pokemon will gain, and it will level up. 
Being a higher level gives you more chance of winning against other trainers.


Poke Mart


Here you can purchase a new Pokemon and expand your collection.


Affiliate program


You will receive 5% from your referrals Poke Shop upgrades and 7% from

their quest earnings for lifetime!

You can view the number of referrals and the commission here.


Payment Proof Payment Proof




The minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 Satoshi.
All withdrawals are instantly sent to your bitcoin wallet address on


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